Essay Federal Government Should Raise Minimum Wage

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Throughout the course of America, many policies and bills have been passed, implemented, and changed. There have been numerous incidences in which the federal government has intervened in policies that are supposed to be reserved for the state. The twenty first century has brought a vast amount of change to policies and bills. These past few years have brought new changes due to issues that have risen from changing times. One of these new modifications that is currently being debated in America is the issue of whether or not the federal government should raise the minimum wage to $15. Understanding this controversy first requires the knowledge of what minimum wage is and who it affects in society. The Legal Information Institute (LII) explains that, “Minimum wage laws establish a base level of pay that employers are required to pay certain covered employees” (Cornell University Law School). These laws ensure that low-wage workers get paid a semi-decent amount of money and that they are protected from corrupt employers. According to the Pew Research Center, “Nearly half (48.2%) of the 3 million hourly workers who were at or below the federal minimum in 2014 were ages 16 to 24”(Desilver). Many of these workers are in the food-service industry or working as cashiers, janitors, or a host of other low-wage jobs. These laws affect mainly young people looking for a starter job to jump start off of. Another important factor of minimum wage is its purpose. According to the LII,…

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