Essay about Federal Government And Education Programs

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federal government will start to dictate the length of the programs. The idea is that if students complete programs sooner, students will have less of a financial aid burden to contend with when they graduate and begin their new careers. Moreover, the certificate programs will become more valued than the curriculum programs in the future (L. Farmer, personal communication, June 28, 2016). Further, Brenda Jackson is the Executive Vice President for SCC, she added, trends in the community colleges will continue to include affordability, access, and completion rates. In addition, funding has and will continue to shift to performance-based measures wherein those institutions with the greatest student success rates will be rewarded financially to allow them to continue to change and improve lives. Further, students are not interested in accumulating massive amounts of debt to face bleak job prospects. Moreover, educational institution will need to partner with their communities to identify needs and then develop educational programs to meet those needs ensuring success for all involved (B. Jackson, personal communication, June 30, 2016). When interviewed, Dr. Phillip Price, Vice President for Administration at Central Carolina Community College. Price proposed that in fifty years, the community college would have evolved to students paying more for their education. Tuition will continue to increase and governmental funding will continue to decline as a percentage of…

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