Essay on Federal And State Funding Programs

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During my time in high school, our choir went to state every year, the art department won first in show year after year, and our forensics team won state two out of the three years I participated. We worked incredibly hard for those achievements; however, year after year, the allotted budget for extracurricular activities went to new football uniforms, or a new score board. We never understood why they got fresh uniforms and new equipment every two years when they couldn’t win one game. All the while, music clubs were stuck sharing sheet music, and the theater department paid for their own supplies for set design.
Institutions of education across America carry the weight of shaping the next generations minds. Federal and state funding directly affects the school boards ability to create varied curriculum. On top of core education, schools are encouraged to have a variety of extra curricular activities to round out student’s schooling. Specifically, high schools feel high pressure to give students tons choices to help them build diverse college applications. School boards look at the different ways they can bring in more funds to the school. Despite all of their efforts, it’s as if there is never enough money to go around. Should a school place more money into the football team? Or maybe the money should to the theater department? Is there any way to find a balance between the two? When deciding what activities will have the highest benefit to student life, as well as…

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