Features Of A Learner Centered Online Course That Employs Distance Learning Theories A Reality

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Coursesites available features make creating a learner centered online course that employs distance learning theories a reality. First of all, the core features most Course Management Systems have are included in Coursesites. According to Simonson (2015) built into these systems are such things as course calendars, announcement areas, assignment and discussion areas, student rosters, communication areas and grade books." (Simonson, 2015, p. 177). However, Coursesites has additional features such as Studymate, Lockdown browser, Respondus exam and Connect Google that distinguishes it from other Course Management systems.
Coursesites help course creators incorporate practices gleaned from Wedemeyer 's Theory of Independent Study. Wedemeyer set forth a system with 10 characteristics emphasizing learner independence and the adoption of technology as a way to implement that independence (Simonson, 2013, p, 42). Coursesites is aligned with all ten of Wedemeyer 's characteristics, however, Coursesites ' ability to employ Wedemeyer 's assertion to “vary methods and media to enhance teaching a lesson is one of Coursesites ' greatest assets.” (Simonson, 2013, p. 42). Beldarrain explains further, " emerging teaching models will undoubtedly integrate new technology tools, yet those tools foster interaction must be deliberately integrated into the design process to assure appropriate application. (Beldarrin, 2006). While Coursesites is excellent in orchestrating learner center…

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