Features Of A Classroom That Can Be Differentiated : The Content, The Product, And The Learning Environment

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There are four main elements of a classroom that can be differentiated: the content, the process, the product, and the learning environment. Content refers to what the student needs to learn or how the information is presented to the student. It can be differentiated because of a student’s readiness level, their interest, their learning profile, or any combination of these (Tomlinson, 2001, pg. 45). To differentiate in readiness means looking at what the student understands about a topic and if it is in his or her capacity to be able to understand it (Tomlinson, 2001, pg. 73). Differentiating based upon interest means looking at what students are passionate about or curious in and incorporating that into the curriculum through different ideas and materials (Tomlinson, 2001, pg. 73). A student’s learning profile is how the student best prefers to work. Tomlinson states, “learning profile differentiation of content implies ensuring that a student has a way of “coming at” materials and ideas that match his preferred way of learning” (2001, pg. 73). This means the student has to reflect upon what strategies work best for him or her. Some students may need to read in silence at their desk, while others can read while laying on the floor and listening to music. When students are able to assess themselves and communicate their preferences to their teacher, the teacher can work to help the student have what they need to be successful in the classroom.
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