Feasibility Study Of A Restaurant

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Group No - 17

 Prepare a Feasibility report for starting a Restaurant.

Restaurant :

A restaurant is a place that’s offers well prepared food at a certain price that suits to the customers.
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2) To giving best services to the customer.
3) To give similar experience to all the customer who are visited.

After deciding the objectives, we have to done the analysis of various aspects to achieving the decided goal or objectives.

(1) Market Analysis :

Market analysis includes that how much and what is the demand of customers ? Like which food they like most whether it is Punjabi, Chinese, Gujarati dishes, south Indians, fast food, etc and how much they demand for the particular item. And for fulfillment of this demand we have to check that how many amount or capital we needed ?

The market analysis includes the following things.

1) Demand analysis :

It consider that what is and how much demand of various food in the market or in the bardoli town. And also in which time they demand which type of food. for e.x. people demand for Panjabi dishes and chineses in evening for a dinner not in the morning.
2) Competitors :

Then we check that who is the competitors in the bardoli and what are their features for attracting the customers. The competitors in bardoli are Red Chilee’s, Food & Fanda, Tulsi Hotel, etc. Getting information about their services given to the customer and what is their daily sale of food
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The manager should be qualified and experienced. And all the staff should be experienced. So we have to find out from where this staffs are available ? and is there any need to give training to the stff or not ? It is more important.

(3) Economic Analysis :

The entrepreneur should have done the economic analysis which considered the various costs and benefits. The costs includes the salary, set up cost, running cost, monetary cost, etc. which incurred for start a restaurant. And this analysis help to the solving the unemployment problem by giving work and also help to the environment.

(4) Financial Analysis :

Without finance we can’t start a restaurant so first of all we make a budget that where to spend money and form where we can get the more revenue. Raising of funds includes the long-term and short-term sources of finance by which we can arrange the money for starting our restaurant. It also includes that how many cost and expenses we also check that how many amount to be needed in advertisement.

(5) Technical Analysis

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