Feasibility Proposal For Move Grassroot Green Construction Llc. North Carolina

1595 Words Nov 19th, 2016 7 Pages
This memo report is presented to inform the board of the pros and cons of our consideration to move Grassroot Green Construction LLC to North Carolina. With relocation comes risks, but there also comes opportunity through thorough research, we have gathered information and figures in this report of the opportunities for our company in Asheville, along with the concerns of relocating, and concluded this memo with recommendations and summary of the information.


There is a viable market in North Carolina for Green Products. North Carolina’s state government is pushing more incentive programs thus businesses and residential homes are seeking to practice energy efficiency. Buildings in the state are being pushed to be LEED Certified to reap tax credit benefits. When researching moving the HQ of Grassroot Green Construction to North Carolina, we specifically wanted to know more information about potential and established competitors in the area, growth of the market in North Carolina along with projected industry growth overall, the number of annual authorized building permits available in North Carolina versus Florida, and finally to compare payroll costs for employees.

We currently run the risk of losing money if we stay in Florida. A number of Florida’s Green Building incentive programs are expiring and this limits its’ available incentive programs (Green Building Incentives). Moving our Headquarters to Asheville, North Carolina will increase our profits and…

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