Feasibility Paper

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Feasibility Report of a
Cooperative Dairy
Manure Management
Project in
St. Albans/Swanton, VT
The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Foods, & Markets
And The
Economic Development Council of Northern Vermont
Developed by:
Spencer Bennett, MS
P.O. Box 517,
Henniker, NH 03242
Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets
Cooperative Manure Management Report for St. Albans/Swanton, VT
Page 2
We find this to be an exciting project with significant potential and wish to express our thanks to
Spencer Bennett and all those who helped make this report possible. With apologies to any we may miss we wish to thank the following:
The farmers of the St. Albans Bay area
Economic Development Council of Northern
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Several methods for transporting the fresh manure to a central digester are discussed.
At first glance, the transportation cost exceeds the value of the electricity produced by the digester. Only when all the benefits and revenues are compared to the expenses can this project be fully appreciated. Then, the large environmental and public impacts are added to the electricity, heat, and by-products to make this a compelling project.
It is recommended that the One Central Digester proposal be studied further, and that the
Recommendations in Section 7 of this report be implemented. The unique opportunity to construct a comprehensive manure management system with these parameters should be acted upon:
A. A dense cow population.
B. The presence of the Vermont Department of Corrections correctional facility that requires reliable electricity and heat, and is located central to the dense cow population above. C. Strong environmental need to control and reduce agricultural contaminants.
Considering that 226,000 tons per year would be processed to produce renewable, reliable, local electricity, and that the resulting digested manure becomes a controlled-application liquid fertilizer and a landscape material, this project appears to have earned the right to additional study. The financial

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