Feasibility Cafe Restaurant Essay

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Chapter II PROJECT BACKGROUND AND HISTORY Restaurant means a business whose principal purpose is the sale of food or beverage served in paper, plastic or other disposable containers for immediate consumption inside, outside or away from the building, including businesses that provide delivery of food for immediate consumption. In the restaurants, products and suppliers are used on a “first-in, first-out” basis to ensure freshness.
This chapter is more on the description of the project background and history of the proposed business. It identifies how the business begun from the tiny thoughts into a realistic one. This chapter discusses the brief history of the project, the owners of the project or the project proponents, the
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The runs of the organizational chart show the straightforwardness status or leveling of the personnel in the proposed business. The whole organizational structure of the business firm is illustrated as revealed in Figure 1 on the next page.

Food and Beverage Supervisor
Operating Manager

Waiter/ Busboy/ Janitor
Head Chef
Owners Organizational Chart of Coffee Boulevard Figure 1. The organizational chart of Coffee Boulevard shows the specific positions of each employee; who belongs to the top, middle and rank and file positions in the proposed business establishment. It includes the major functions and their corresponding relationship from top management to the bottom. It illustrates the channel of distribution or the protocol of the company. Each line of the chart expresses the channels of authority.

Proposed organizational Chart
Job Title : MANAGER
Reports to : Owner/s
Required Availability: Full time
Duties and Responsibilities: * He/She will be the eye of the owners to the establishment during the entire operation of the business. He/She will represent the owners of the establishment. * Over-all in charge for the operation. He/She is assigned to report to the owner about the status of the business. * Optimizes the profit by forecasting sales level. * Investigates and resolves

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