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The Fear of Inferiority

Everyone has discussed how supremacy affects immigrants directly through racism and discrimination, but has anyone ever stopped to notice how the racism involved with supremacy affects an immigrant 's sense of individuality? Individuality is a concept that America lives and breathes on, so why are immigrants being suppressed of their individual freedom? Supremacists are not necessarily people who dislike colored people, but instead people who feel the need to seek a dominance in power, which can also be observed as a fear of being inferior. Unfortunately, supremacy is often portrayed by disapproval of a race which results in violent racism and discrimination; the group of supremacists associated with this violence is
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Even more so, if this specific aggression continues it may develop into a medical problem referred to as the superiority complex. The medical definition of this term is “an excessive striving for or pretense of superiority to compensate for supposed inferiority”(Webster). This can be found in both immigrants and those of white supremacists. In immigrants, it shows itself as more of an intense pride in one 's religion and cultural norms which make them feel superior. This, however, limits immigrants in America by making them come off as less sociable and ignorant to the world around them. Also, this may lead to immigrants ignoring and disrespecting the cultures surrounding them. In white supremacists, this is seen as a prejudice that has been given to white people by the average American society. This idea is what causes white supremacy to be a problem to immigrants and their success of individualization in America. On the other hand, the psychological disorder, Xenophobia also plays a part in limiting immigrants freedom of individualization. Xenophobia is when someone has an irrational fear of foreign objects, including people from other countries that do not assimilate into American society. This fear has been increasing with recent controversies of allowing Syrian refugees permission to enter the U.S. and the long issue of illegal immigrants entering crossing the border from Mexico. “People fear that immigrants...take American jobs and threaten American culture. These fears are also fed by ignorance” (Donnelly). This limits the immigrants for obvious reasons such as the fear of non-native concepts and aggression and hatred portrayed by that fear. Immigrants then must face this fear that instead of being simply a prejudiced opinion is instead also an irrational fear of the immigrants. As a

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