Fear Of Failure : An Avoidance Based Motive Disposition Essay

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Fear of failure is ‘an avoidance-based motive disposition in the achievement domain’ (Elliot & Thrash, 2004, p. 958). That is, this construct refers to as the motive to avoid failure in evaluative situations (Atkinson, 1957; McClelland, Atkinson, Clark, & Lowell, 1953; Sagar & Stoeber, 2009). This construct thus is closely related to one’s goal orientation and motivation (Covington, 2000; Martin, 2010). It has been wisely agreed that fear of failure is not a unidimensional construct but a multidimensional construct (Conroy, Willow, & Metzler, 2002). Many researchers have developed a scale to measure such multidimensional nature of fear of failure construct (see, e.g., Houston and Kelly (1987)’s fear of failure scales; Conroy et al. (2002)’s the performance failure appraisal inventory). These instruments are by and large associated with the general feeling of shame and/or anxiety toward evaluative events in everyday context.
Meanwhile, given the nature of fear of failure that has much to do with one’s orientation toward a certain task and/or situation, this construct has long been studied in educational settings with a focus on students’ behavior, engagement, and performance (Ames & Archer, 1988; Boekaerts, 1993; Caraway, Tucker, Reinke, & Hall, 2003; Covington, 1984). Those research on the fear of failure and learning have employed the instruments that are associated with the general feeling of shame in everyday context to measure students’ fear of failure in learning…

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