Fear Of Abandonment Research Paper

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One of the biggest fears of people all over the world is the fear of being alone. We have all evolved into social beings, and our very existence depends on our numbers. These fears usually stem from childhood, where they experienced a traumatizing effect such as the loss of a parent or friend through divorce, death, or lack of physical or emotional care. The person grows up and has huge trust issues that usually affect the person they have a relationship with. The person feels like the person they are close with, whether a friend, spouse, fiancé, girlfriend/boyfriend, or even a family member, will desert them in the future, and feel the need to do something to prevent this from happening. Often times, the things they do end up hurting the relationship …show more content…
Fear of abandonment in some degree happens in just about every human being on this planet. It’s just that some people experience it on a more severe scale than others. When a child does not get a good amount of emotional support from their parents, the child may end up developing low self-esteem. Because of this, they then seek the friendships of those with negative beliefs and values. They will have a hard time trusting others, and they will feel unworthy of other people’s trust and …show more content…
A good partner will constantly tell you of his or her affection for you, whether as a friend or intimately. Get rid of the parent-child relationship that you have with your partner. If you depend wholly on your partner for emotional support, take steps to correct that. Sometimes the partner will feel really tired of taking care of his or her ‘child’ partner, and end up deserting them. This is where the same feelings of desertions and betrayal which were experienced during childhood sneak in again. Hence, this is where the support system that you and your partner set up will come in handy. If an ending does come, then there will be a support network ready that will support you through your emotional storm. Don’t look for this network to replace the emotional support that you got from your partner.

Finally, build trust in your relationship. Trust is built in the everyday interactions we have with the ones around us. If there is no emotional interaction, then you cannot build trust with that person. Don’t force a person to share with you emotionally, or understand your emotional needs. There is no sense in trying to work it out with someone you cannot share with on an emotional level. If you can’t trust a person, it doesn’t make any sense you even build a relationship with that person. Trust is essential in getting rid of your abandonment

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