Fear, Love, And Hope Sum Up The Beginning Two Parts Of A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Fear, love, and hope sum up the beginning two parts of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. The author takes readers on a journey with a young girl no older than 14. Readers watch as she grows as a person and is forced to face unfathomable truths. From early on in life she has to make a decision on who to believe: Nana, her mother, or Jalil, her father. Nana simply doesn’t believe in Jalil and his way of life as a rich man with many wives who segregates one of his daughters far from his home. The young girl, Mariam, is under the impression that Jalil is the world’s best dad, until he forgets, or harshly decides, to leave her waiting on her fifteenth birthday when the two were scheduled to see a movie in his cinema. Mariam rashly decides that she will go wait outside his home because he might have forgotten, and so she did. Jalil sits at the window and observes her as she silently begs for his attention. His only action in response to her is to close the curtains and order his driver to bring Mariam home. In all this commotion Mariam’s mother decided suicide was the answer to her problems and in this thinking she hanged herself. Unfortunately, Mariam is forced to live with Jalil and his other family. Quickly a marriage is arranged for Mariam and a man name Rasheed. In the beginning Rasheed is perfect until Mariam begins having miscarriages. Rasheed grows angry and Mariam grows scared. In this journal I will be connecting, evaluating, and predicting. The author…

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