Fear Is The Single Strongest Force Behind Humanity And Its Survival

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Fear is by far the most driving force behind the evolution of humanity and of all other species. Fear is the single strongest force behind humanity and its survival because fear is what stops people from doing something that could harm or kill them. Fear is the most powerful chemical reaction in the brain, requiring more chemicals and less time to register then thoughts or memories and lasting much longer. Fear affects everyone in some way, and some much more cripplingly then others. Fear has been there in the shadows of humanity’s ascension from the primordial ooze to the semi-civilized beings they are now, reminding them that there is always something more powerful and immense then humans. Fear has driven man into wars, plummeted world economies into chaos, and causes men to turn on themselves. Fear is an ancient and powerful sensation that has been in the minds of man from his primeval state. Fear is an instinct based emotion in the lowest part of the brain, the reptilian brain, a simpler term for the part of the brain responsible for the most instinctive actions of humans, the fight or flight response, and the kill or be killed instincts. The reptilian brain has been with humans since the Pleistocene men lived in the forests eating grubs off rotten logs one point eight million years ago and has remained largely unaltered for all that time and is now joined with the primate, or the limbic brain, which allows humans more complex thoughts and the combination of the two…

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