Fear Is Not Real : Fear Essay

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Fear is not real.

Fear is an illusion, a compilation of thoughts we form that can be disguised as many things; doubt, procrastination, comparison or really just a straightforward fear like heights or darkness. These fears become barriers in our lives, holding us back from doing the things in life we want to do. We don’t realize the potential that lies just on the other side of these thoughts.

Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat

One of the highlights from my yoga retreat last week was the Temazcol experience, also known as a “Sweat Lodge” (aka torture chamber, aka brick oven, aka my nemesis). I won’t drown you in the details of what this ceremony consisted of, but will provide you this link to give you an idea: Mayan Temazcal

In short, the main purpose of this ceremony is to cleans your mind, body and soul of bad energies and thoughts through chants, guided meditation and lots and lots of heat. I freak out immediately if I’m enclosed in small spaces, and even more so if it’s dark and hot. So going through this was no walk in the park.

But I wanted to conquer this fear, that was my main objective when I decided to join the group through this journey. Everyone had different reasons for being there at that very moment, and perhaps deep down they were all the same reasons, we just labeled them differently.

As we each folded into the small lodge, those reasons were becoming clearer to me. Fear and anxiety rushed through me as we took our seats and settled in for what would be about 1.5…

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