Fear In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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We seem to think that humans are invincible in the world, that we have no need to fear anything and most of that is true.With modern science, we have cures for many previously fatal diseases, ( Measles, Polio, and the now eradicated smallpox), But if there is one thing that can control us seemingly fearless creatures, it is fear itself. One may ask, “Why is that child afraid of going into that dark room?” Well the obvious answer would be the fear of the unknown. Or why some people are scared of spiders. Well thats obviously fear finding it’s way into that person’s head But “Fear” happened to be the one thing that Pi in Life of Pi got over.
Considering at one point he had a hyena, a zebra, a female orangutan, and a fully grown male
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Pi was a hindu from birth, both of his parents were hindus (although his mother was the more religious one in the pairing) and his older brother, Ravi was as well. But during a short family getaway in Munnar he was doing some exploring when he happened to wander upon a church where he also found a priest. During this time he was told the story of Jesus Christ and how he was dragged in the streets, tortured and eventually crucified. Pi was completely confused by this, even a bit offended that God would let his son die saying that, “ Why would god wish that upon himself? Why not leave death to the mortals? Why make dirty what is beautiful, spoil what is perfect?” (Page 54) And with that Father Martin,( the priest he had met earlier) replied with one word. Love. Love is why God let his son die. on the last day of Pi’s vacation he asked Father Martin how to become a Christian. Next he tells the story on how he acquired Islam into his life. This story includes him venturing into the Arab neighborhood in his city, he saw the Mosque but he didn’t walk in and explore like he had with the church. Pi stated,” Islam had a reputation worse than Christianity’s- fewer gods, greater violence, and I had never heard anyone say anything good about muslim schools” (page 58) Basically, Pi was saying that he somewhat feared The Great Mosque and he would not like to get in any sort of trouble by being an outsider in a place he didn’t belong in. Pi was attracted to a man’s shop by the bottles of thumbs up outside of the dwellings. After he was caught poking around with a piece of bread in the shop, the man who’s name is Mr.Kumar wanted to show Pi how to make the bread. Around half way into Mr.Kumar showing Pi how to make bread, he excuses himself so go pray. Pi stood, absolutely mesmerized by what the man was doing. After the man finished he casually walked up to Pi and asked, “So

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