The Role Of Abigail In The Crucible

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In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller has fear , hysteria , and revenge . In this play Abigail is a evil & flat static character who gets revenge at people in the play but does it in the worst way & she doesn’t feel bad for her actions . Abigail is evil throughout the whole story .
At this point in the story Paris is now talking Abigail which is his niece , he is talking to Abigail about what he seen in the woods & she is denying all alligations she is dishonest with her uncle Paris. “ I saw it ! Now tell me the truth , Abigail . And i pray you feel the weight of truth upon you , for now my ministry’s at mistake , my ministry and perhaps your cousin’s life . Whatever abomination you have done , give me all of it now , for I dare not
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They are saying Mary has the devil in her and now they are acting afraid of Mary. They are all in the court trying to prove to the judge that Mary is now the devil , while they are doing that Mary is begging the girls to stop lying , but Abigail will do and say anything to keep her lie up . Abigail does not feel bad for making Mary suffer . “looking about in the air , clasping her arms about as though cold . I-I know not a wind has come . ( Her eyes fall on Mary warren). Abigail is pretending that the devil is now showing and at the court with them and she see’s it , she & the girls put on this act of screaming and begging that the devil does not harm them . Mary warren is now looking more suspicious because she has no way to prove they are lying , she begs and begs for them to stop lying . Its easy for them to convince the court with there realistic acts . The girl begin to mock Marry and say whatever she says . “ The wings ! Her wings are spreading ! Mary please , dont , dont--!. “Now that Abigail has put this act on the court wants evidence from Mary that the devil is not in her but Mary does not know how to show them and they want her to faint and Mary cannot do it . In this part of the play Abigail & the girls are trying to sabatage Mary to keep up their huge lie & keep them from losing their life’s

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