Fear Controls Attitudes And Decisions Essay

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Fear controls attitudes and decisions.
The world works in mysterious ways. The way it has developed overtime brings society to different stages of prejudice. Racism is manifested through culture clashes, and the behavior and attitudes and most of all fear. Many people in America feared what was unknown to them they wanted power and control. In order to control the fear they needed to make themselves known that they were superior, to those of different racial backgrounds. This brings about the way that racism is manifested through ignorance and fear. Not only did whites manifested fear but also African Americans, and if fear had not controlled the situation maybe racism would have not taken the path it did.
Prejudice comes from fear and ignorance. All individuals have prejudice attitudes towards others at some point in their lives. People point the differences in sexuality, religion, gender, knowledge and most of all physical appearance. This is because of the way that society is shaped during most of Americas life has been powered by white people. African Americans dealt with the heavier hand of racism. Blood was shed from the torture and mistreatment. Fear is in my opinion the main problem with prejudice, because it becomes the issue of the privilege and who holds power.
In time there has been bloodshed and people suppressed for various motives and reasons. And perhaps it’s not the skin color but the fact that people attitudes are tainted with a one sided view. Fear…

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