Fear And The Ss, Green Police And Gestapo Essay

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Fear and The SS, Green Police, and Gestapo
The crimes and power of the Gestapo, SS, and Green Police (Ordnungspolizei), during World War II shattered the entire world. To understand how these German forces spread fear throughout Europe, one must understand the beliefs and values of a Gestapo, Green Police, or SS soldier. As the newspaper article, “The Gestapo Still Sets the Bar for Evil”, explains, “Ordinary policemen were transformed into ideological zealots, trained to root out communists, homosexuals, slaves, gypsies, the work shy… and persecute them without mercy.” After training, these men set out to find and make sure those whose ideals/personal qualities did not meet the Nazi/Aryan standards faced death, for the sake of a New Germany and the Master Aryan Race. Instilled with the radical ideologies of the Nazi party, the men who made up these divisions exercised absolute power, and left every German wondering if they would be next. Only a few military forces throughout history produced such a harrowing amount of fear, which the German forces accomplished. Each group used their power in a variety of different ways/methods, but in the end killed over six million Jews. Using inhumane violence, torture, kidnapping, informants, sexual assault, and several other methods to their advantage, the Gestapo, Ordnungspolizei, and SS struck fear into the hearts of German citizens, Gypsies (Roma), and Jews during the World War II.
With this fierce and loyal group of men mentioned…

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