Fear And The Island By William Golding Essay

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Fear is lurking in the boys’ minds the moment they arrive on the island. In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, fear is a major theme. The group of boys on the island live by fear and are lead by fear, impacting the boys tremendously. Golding addresses the fear on individuals and on a group. The impact of fear causes the boys to act like savages, causes conflict, and the fear of not leaving the island.
The main savages created on the island is the group lead by Jack. These boys have chosen to become hunters by their leader who is completely driven by fear, and has an obsession with killing the beast. Jack is blinded by fear, and because he’s the leader the rest of the boys also feel the fear, making it easier for him to manipulate them and take advantage of them. In chapter three, when the boys paint their faces and act like tribal people, “For hunting. Like in war” (Golding 63), says Jack, almost saying it’s fine acting like savages when you have the paint on your face. The paint on their face is a mark of being a savage. It is to cover their ‘real faces’ and to almost justify all the killing their doing. And when the boys chant the song during the reenactment of the killing of the pig, “Kill the beast. Cut her throat. Bash her in” (Golding 75). The pride the boys get from it shows how the fear is making the boys act like savages. As soon as they turn against each other, you know that there is no going back, they are complete savages and the boys can never undo…

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