Fear And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay

2709 Words Oct 6th, 2016 11 Pages
Emotions were in the past and in the future they will continue to prevail. In many books it is a characteristic that defines a human. Now, imagine if you could get rid of all emotions or just one, would this improve your lifestyle or just make you lose sight of the colors in life. Fear is one of the most controlling and powerful emotion a human has. Did you know fear is so powerful, that it creates adrenaline inside you body making you a super human for some minutes? An essential tool for survival and self awareness, but Is it working in our favor or against us in our current generation? Most people think fear only stops us from exploding our potential, but the reality is that fear makes us understand the problem and improve. Fear is hard to control, but once you are able to control it, it will be a matter of time for success to come and knock on your door. Emotions were created the day humans and animals were born, so It 's natural to have them. The question that many of us have is, does fear keep us from achieving great things? Why does fear make us smarter? When it comes to the topic of fear, most of us will readily agree that fear stops us sometimes from completing some objectives. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of why do we stop when fear knocks on our door? Whereas some are convinced that fear is too strong to fight through, others maintain that an emotion like fear will only stop those who wish for an excuse to stop moving…

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