Fear And Fear Essay

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As children grow up, many show a degree of difficulties and struggle when told to go to sleep. Relating many factors such as darkness and desolation, it is quite achievable to give children a mindset of fear, by generalizing these factors and concepts and turn the into something supernatural and childlike, maybe for obedience practices or simply to give a sense of fear to show hierarchy and dominance. These practices have existed for many years, in the history of humanity and have not ceased to work just in children, in contrary, plenty of historical happenings were driven and maintained by the creation of monsters which relied on fear given to people. From educating children to the entire population of newborn/founded country such as the United States, fear and terror of monsters constituted the main bias and idea to control
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We are shown the terrific conditions in which slaves lived at while being transported to the new continent of America. “Africans suffocated, committed suicide, or were driven insane by the fetid conditions and the terror of their plight.” (Poole, 47) An already psychological ill and paranoid population of Africans, started developing folklorical stories imaging white people as “color white with death, giving an aura of supernatural terror to the creatures that enslaved, beat and branded them” (Poole, 47) or thirsty vampires that drank the blood of African victims. Poole not only lets us perceive the psychological damage inflicted to a whole culture, we also see a cultural development by now Africans being the ones creating monsters as self defense from European and American Slavers, making fortunes on a brand new world run by an economical powerhouse such as

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