Fdr 's Speech By Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay

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“A date that will live in infamy” is a description by Franklin Delano Roosevelt on December 7, 1941. It was also, a day many Americans remember as one of the outrageous days in American history. On that day, Japanese forces unexpectedly and deliberately attacked the US naval base with air strikes at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Lots of lives and properties were claimed in the incident. On the next day, FDR (current president) gave a powerful speech to the American citizens on the attack at Washington D.C. His speech was short but it contained detailed facts about the attack. His speech was what led the United States into World War II. The sole purpose of his message was to convince congress and the American peoples to declare war on Japan with absolute victory. However, FDR was able to communicate his message effectively by using his status, fear and determination and Japanese attacks to formally declare war on Japan with absolute victory.
The credibility of FDR’s address on the Pearl Harbor attack was favored through his status in the United States. Being the president of the country, he was clearly seen as a reliable source for information. In addition to his ethos, Roosevelt is the only president in US history to be elected four times. At the time of his speech, he was in his fourth term. Being in the office for these long shows how he was already loved and trusted by the American people as their leader before his speech. In his speech, he shared detailed information to his…

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