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Introduction of Client Company (Super Bank)
Client Company is a financial institute named as Super Bank which serves their customers on daily basis via several nationwide branches and their ATMs accordingly. As discussed in last assignment, the current data service provider’s poor performance is badly affecting the company business and so an initiative has been taken to introduce a new service provider for smooth and seamless operation of Super Bank. Super bank has currently 100 nationwide branches and 50 ATMs and their Head office is located in Lahore. Following are some of the departments which are included in the completion of their new project, as they have to search a service
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Both NSD and SSD come under the IT department headed by Chief Technical Officer. 3. Accounts department (AD)
This department plays an important role in the new project which they are going to start as they are responsible for pricing approvals and pricing issues with data service Provider Company. They will be in coordination with the Account department of service providers. 4. Bank Operations Department (BOD)
Each branch has an Operational Manager person which overlooks the overall maintenance like Power, Security etc. including the network so that branch may run smoothly and can perform their daily operational tasks. Bank staff report and complaint the operation Manager person in case if branch connectivity goes down (Either their internal system or the connectivity with the Head Office). So branch operational manager then coordinate with NDS department via call and logged the complaint accordingly. For the deployment of new medium, each branch operation manager person is responsible for supporting the field engineers of Service Provider in order to complete the deployment of medium as well as equipment in timely manner.
So above are some of the departments of client (Super Bank) which will be in coordination with service Provider Company from the start till completion of the project. Now we will define the stakeholders which are main types of users of Super Bank for this new project/system. * Bank Potential Customers * Bank Directors *

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