Favoritism With Parents And Kids ' Perception Of Parents ' Favoritism Counts More Than Reality

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I 've recently read an NPR article about favoritism with parents and kids "Kids ' Perception Of Parents ' Favoritism Counts More Than Reality". Here are my views about the subject. I have not experienced favoritism in my family myself because I 'm an only child. I do have a story about a friend of mine and his older brother. When his brother was two he was given to their grandparents because their mom was not able to care for him. A year later, my friend was born and raised by his mom for about 11 years before also being given to his grandparents. I’m using the word given because they were not taken from their mother, she just didn’t have the means to raise them so she gave them to the grandparents (her parents). Two incidents of favoritism happened because of this situation. The first part of favoritism in this story is between the grandparents and the grandsons. The older brother lived with the grandparents early on at age two and the grandparents actually adopted him. The younger brother started living with them at the age of 11 and they had no intention of adopting him as their own. The grandparents have shown favoritism towards the older brother, his whole life. Both brothers have two kids of their own now, but at Christmas the grandparents celebrate with the older brother first because they spend more money on his kids and buy more gifts for his family. The older brother has to put the gifts in the car before the younger brother shows up. They buy the younger brother’s…

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