Favorites In My Family

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Plying favorites It is amazing how people cannot see their biases toward certain individuals. I grew up with a grandmother who greatly favored my cousins, and it was incredibly painful. Last summer while I was back home, my cousin, Ryma, got married. We had a lot of fun in her wedding party, and we took many nice photos either whit her, the bride, or with all my relatives. When I was looking at her photo album, I noticed my grandmother’s joy through her big smiling face and her endless hugs. I was happy and sad at the same time because she reacted differently in my sister’s wedding. Was it just a coincidence, or the photos are reflecting some sort of favoritism? Was she playing favorites even during a wedding party? Even though my …show more content…
She is my grandmother, and I really respect her because she gave birth to my dad, the nicest father who would sacrifice everything for his family. However, the sweet, nice, and caring woman in public would always act differently at home whether by talking like she was planning somethings or by having that mischievous smile. She first started by spreading lies that she would sell the house to the spouse; then, by buying extra time, she tried to give the granddaughter the house as a gift . Finally, when the cunning became obvious, she stole the house and give it to them. Both of my parents were sad when they knew that the triumph of their life was gone forever. We became once again isolated despite everything we did for her and her family. Unlike the 40 past years when my father was a young, smart, brave, and dynamic man, today he is older and heartbroken. His mother was behind him loss. Today, he is willing to keep his own family united because he might lose the house, but he never lost the dignity and all the good life given to his mother and siblings. We are proud of him, as he is of himself. A year later, we built a bigger house with bigger hopes and sweet dreams instead of grandma’s nasty planes. A larger house in a different place where we will stay away from her and her nasty life. We will be happy for

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