Social Media Types Research Paper

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There are many different types of social media in the world today. For example; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. You can share pictures, post what you are doing, or just keep in touch with old friends on these different types of social media. I like social media and think that it is very helpful in our world today. Twitter is my personal favorite, because you can post what you are doing, post pictures, or have private conversations with friends.

Twitter is a great way to express your opinion. You can talk about anything that is going on, like if a game is on and you want to talk about your team is doing. You can take polls about who likes which food more or just take polls on random stuff. You can tweet out whatever you want and
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You can type in all caps or put multiple exclamation points to show excitement or anger and in today’s society it is mostly understood. When you text though, you are not really able to get emotions across, there is no sarcasm or anything like that. I feel like if you end your sentence while texting with a period it is a sign of anger or that you are trying to be serious. The author of this article, Lauren Collister, says that, “This more formal version, according to the arguments made by Tannen and Darics, reads more like a work email sent to a colleague than one to a friend sincerely and fervently apologizing for a transportation mishap.” The first text is incorrect grammar, spelling and punctuation but it comes off as more sentimental than writing a formal correct text. Texts are supposed to be continuous and fun but ending them with periods is like ending the whole conversation in my opinion. If you were to end all of your tweets with a period I think that everyone would take your tweets serious, even though you are trying to just joke or tweet something that is not supposed to be taken seriously. We are not able to actually see how a person is feeling over a computer or phone so the texting language is a way for people to express the way they feel without anyone having to see them.

In conclusion, social media is a big part of my everyday life. I use Twitter and snapchat everyday, but my personal favorite of the two is Twitter. It is a great way to interact with a wide variety of people all over the world, you can express however you feel on a topic, and you can post pictures of your you and your siblings, or a video of you playing with your dog. It 's a really good social media app and can be really useful in many different and unique ways, differently than other social media

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