Fathers ' Response Of Challenges Essay

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Fathers ' Response to Challenges Being a father isn’t easy, but we shouldn’t give up. There are a lot of books, classes, and other resources a father can use to teach him about parenting. These resources won’t make him number one dad of the world but help guide him to find the best way to tackle the challenges he faces in fatherhood. How a father should give a response to problems such as a right way to praise a child, dealing with rebellious children, teaching child self-control, and dealing with aggressive children. These are only some of the challenges that exist; there are much more, and the best way for a father to play his role is through educating oneself and using the resources to be a great dad.
The Inverse Power of Praise
Some parents believe large portions of praise will build their children 's confidence, when, in fact, it may be just the opposite. Always praising your child undermines their confidence because most parents do not correctly praise their child. For example, if your child, Johnny got an “A” on a test, a parent should say “Johnny, good job at working so hard to do well on the test.”, not “Johnny, you’re so smart you did well on the test.”. When it comes to praising a child, parents should praise the effort and not the outcome.
A study done by Carol S. Dweck, a professor of psychology, found that children who are praised for their efforts than intelligence are more successful. This finding was interesting because it was a reflection of what a child…

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