Father Logan Responses As A Priest Essay examples

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Whereas, Father Logan responses as “Ruth, I’ve changed. You’ve changed too. I chose what I am [being a priest]. I believe in what I am.” Such confession cannot state clearer on the mind-settlement of Logan is now fully given himself to be the God’s man, and all the caring for Ruth Grandfort is to a much broader mean as the “agape” from God to man. Hence, such agape is not caused by the affection to his past time sweetheart, Logan rather carries out this universal fraternity also to whom that has done him with betrayal and circumvention. Otto Keller, the ungrateful caretaker and part-time gardener for Villette, made the confession to Father Logan that due to the greediness of money, he has murdered the rich lawyer. Instead of feeling guilty of the crime, Keller and his wife have greater anxiety over whether Father Logan would keep his oath and seal the secrecy. In order to end this haunting idea that Father Logan could turn them into the police anytime, Keller and his wife act first by fabricating the murder charge against the priest who has helped them all along. On detail that is ironically interesting is the name of the character, Otto Keller. Keller as a common last name used in German speaking countries has the homonymic sound of the “killer” in English. This notion of being named as “killer” adds foreshadowing sense to Keller as the murder for the crime from the very beginning of the film. Especially with the audience has better knowledge about the truth in…

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