Father Comes Home From The War Essay

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Father Comes Home from the War is a play written by Suzan- Lori Parks and it was performed at the Royal Court Theatre in London. It is an African- American male named Hero who was a slave during the American civil war. His goal was to achieve freedom which was not to be a slave. In the beginning of the production, he was given an opportunity to go with his master to war or stay behind and he decided to go on with his master. Many people in his town wanted him to stay behind, but the old man who Hero looked up to him as a father figure wanted him to go and so he did. By making the decision to go with the master, he experienced stepping out of his comfort zone, achieving the freedom that he wanted, and at the end, he knew to himself that forever he will always be a slave. The lighting in the Royal Court Theatre was used to depict suspense. At the beginning when Hero was deciding to go to war or stay home, the lights became brighter and brighter. This resembled the time leading up to the decision he had to make in the morning when the sun would rise. In the end, when Hero’s lover Penny is deciding if she will leave with the runaway slaves or wait at home for Hero to return, the lights become darker. This resembled the nighttime approached for when Penny’s decision would be made. Father Comes Home from the War was performed at The Royal Court Theatre. The stage was a proscenium arch with a small shack in the back, center stage and the audience viewed the production straight…

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