Father and son Essay

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Father and Son -Bernard Maclaverty
“Father and Son” is a short story which is set in a time of war and ends in the death of one of the main characters. Bernard Maclaverty transfers real life problems in the story. The main theme of the story is father trying to communicate with his son but cannot do so. Due to the techniques used by the writer we get an idea that the end of the story is going to be tragic which is moreover supported by the nature of the characters.
This story is set in a small house in the city of Belfast which is located in Northern Ireland. The area they live in is full of noises:
“The sound of ambulances criss-crossing the
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The father is the one who wants to know about his son, wants to know wants to know what he does? And also what is going on with him? :
“Where are you going today?”
“What do you be doing outside at this time?”
“What do you talk about?”
In the above quotations, the father is asking normal everyday questions that parents ask which the son refuses to answer and swears at his father instead. The father wants to know things about his son and wants to talk to him:
“I want you to talk.”
“I want to know what you think.”
“I want to know if you are in danger again.”
The writer repeats the words ‘I want’, telling us the father’s need to know his soon but the father is not able to express his feelings which does not allows him to talk to his son freely .
The father wants to remember the happier times when they used to enjoy fishing together and the son was very talkative “Him pestering with questions.”
But now, the relationship between both of them has become very poor. The conversations between them break down.
The son thinks that his father is weak:
“He’s scared of his own shadow.”
The father thinks the son is in trouble:
“Son you are living on borrowed time.”
In this short story communication has very significant importance. In this relationship between the father and son they have many communication barriers of which most of them are created by the

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