Persuasive Speech On Father Son Relationships

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Very little has been said about father and son relationships in MGTOW, and I feel acknowledging this father/son bond or lack thereof is paramount to carving a different future for men and generations of men to come. In order to venture into this future or this unknown path in betterment of men, we should see father/son relationships as one of the most important pieces left to complete The New Man; that special being that is to rise from the messy rubble of gynocentrism. Not only has the role of fathers at home changed over the last two decades with more and more fathers staying home but getting more involved in their children’s lives. However, if the role of fathers that preceded the changing role of these men is left unaddressed in service to unravel the effect …show more content…
Never mind that everything he enjoys such as clothes on his back, electricity bill, shelter, tuition, groceries, that new bike, and more were all made happened by the blood and sweat sacrificed but never seen. Many sons who speak favorably of their fathers compared their mothers would still leave room for the listening ear to notice the distance and the loosened edges the words used in describing his father creates; words that does very little to shorten the distance he feels towards the man who raised him. Some men, without holding back, would spell out the strictness with which their fathers rule his household and how on those occasions he suffers the punishments his father dishes, care and nurture are there to be found only under the mother’s gentle caressed hands and warm bosom. And then there are those men who’d tell you of their father’s anger that never fail to rise with the sun at dawn or set with it when he gets back from work. Some would account for ways their fathers lash out at the most inoffensive remarks or gesture. Then with heavy hearts accompanied by sad facial expressions, other men would

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