Fate Vs. Free Will, Guilt And Shame, And Sight Vs Blindness Essay

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Oedipus The story of Oedipus is about one who finds his identity though everything that has happened to him in his past and present. To the ancient Greeks, knowledge is the key to everything to them. To this story, there are many themes throughout it. Some of these themes are fate vs. free will, guilt and shame, and sight vs blindness. This is a story about a tragic hero and a tragic error one made, who has a huge identity crisis, and he feels like he’s been living a lie, as soon as he finds out he is not the son of one man, King Polybus. This identity crisis is the core of the character and what makes him, Oedipus. The play opens up as the city of Thebes has a plague going around. Oedipus seems to be a strong and indestructible character. “I Oedipus whom all men call the Great (Sophocles 1564).” This great king has lifted the Sphinx’s reign of the entire city of Thebes, as he answered the riddle correctly. Oedipus has sent his brother-in-law, Creon, to figure out how to end this terrible plague. He returns saying that, in fact, once they figure out who killed the previous king, King Laius, the plague would be lifted of Thebes. This is an example of dramatic irony, because the audience knows who had killed King Laius, as in fact that it was Oedipus. Oedipus, although does not even know he had killed King Laius, or knew he was his own father. He then went to Tiersias for answers, and of course he tells him the answers he wanted to know, but was not expecting them. Oedipus…

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