Milton Free Will Analysis

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In Book 3 (lines 95-111), the question of “free will” is brought up. Milton’s discussion of free will raises the question of whether free will is something that an individual can choose or reject, or if in fact there is no choice of free will at all. It is possible that God is simply tangling the idea that free will even exists to men as a way for them to believe they have a choice over their own faiths, when it is possible that in actuality they do not. The question is why would God create people that He knows will commit sin knowing that these creations will create an evil side to the world. This passage argues that God purposely gives His creations the right to choose between Satan and Him and in doing so, allows the fall from grace to …show more content…
God wanted all of His creations to be free and to force their allegiance would mean that they would not serve Him “freely” and it would contradict His Method for allowing each spirit created to have the choice of whether to fall or stand in grace. Meaning that they would never know what true allegiance to their master was so God’s choice was meticulously done according to Milton, but that decision had a price. God’s choice to allow everyone to freely make the decision of whom they wanted to serve allowed His Creations to choose someone other than Him to serve. It is possible that when God said “not mee” that the person that He was referring to that they serve is Satan. Satan, an evil that is vengeful enough to pray and force the allegiance of his followers through manipulation and persuasion. So if the created is not strong enough to use God’s tool and is manipulated by the sinful thoughts of Satan then they will fall, and this is not God’s fault because freedom and free will is not illusion. God is clear that although He knows all that He gives each and one of His creations the choice to make their own decision. He does not force their allegiance to Himself nor to Satan so the fates of their souls are in their own

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