Fate Free Shakespeare 's Hamlet And Oedipus Outline Essay

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Fate vs free will in Hamlet and Oedipus Outline
Fate can be defined as “a power that determines the event in the future. In the fate the events of man are already determined.” What is freewill? “The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.” Does mankind have the ability to choose his fate, or is mankind doomed to live a predetermined life? In the story of Oedipus, fate has determined his tragic ending. In Hamlet, hamlet has a freewill to choose his fate despite his circumstances.
Body One
A. Oedipus is tragic life is caused by fate and not free will.
B. The first event in Oedipus life that caused that determined tragedy was the prophecy before his birth.
a. Prophecy quote
b. This is fate because the prophecy was given even before birth
C. The second event is the plague on the city
a. Book Quote
b. The plague would not go away unless Oedipus the King finds who killed the former King Laius.
D. Oedipus’ life is made of fate. He has many choices to choose from, but the events in his life caused him to come to this conclusion. At the same, if he was not given away at birth this conclusion would not still be avoided. His life is determined by fate unlike Hamlet who has the choice of free will.
Body Part 2
A. Hamlet has the choice of free will even though tragic events seem to come to him. The ultimate choice he made was revenge.
B. The first event that caused this was when the ghost of his father…

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