Essay on Fate And Free Will : Oedipus Rex

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Fate can be defined as something that is destined to happen and is beyond our control. Free will, on the other hand, is being able to act freely without being constrained by a predetermined fate. In Sophocles’ tragedy, Oedipus Rex, the concepts of fate and free will are very prominent throughout the play. In ancient Greece, fate was considered to be a reality outside of an individual that determined his or her life and represented an unstoppable force. The ancient Greeks believed in fatalism, which was the belief that our lives are controlled by more powerful beings, known as Gods. Both the concepts of fate and free will played a crucial part in Oedipus’ downfall. Oedipus was destined from birth to kill his father and marry his mother. This prophecy was unconditional and inevitably would happen some day, no matter what Oedipus did to avoid it. Oedipus’ actions were predetermined by his fate, however, what he did in Thebes was done so on his own free will.
Oedipus Rex is the story of a king searching for the murderer of his predecessor king, King Laius, in order to free the people of the city of Thebes from the plague that has fallen upon them. During his investigation, Oedipus discovered that he himself was the murderer of King Laius, who also happened to be his father. However, it doesn’t stop there. Shortly after discovering that he had killed his father, Oedipus learns that he has married and had children with his own mother, Queen Jocasta. Filled with horror from his…

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