Fat Taxes And Its Effect On Public Health Essay examples

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“Fat Taxes” is the colloquial phrase for government imposed taxes on certain foods and/or drinks considered to cause obesity and decrease overall public health. The purpose of these taxes are to help to urge consumers to buy healthy food items and sway them from the unhealthy choices, they also are intended to be a boost to government tax revenues. However, these fat taxes have been shown to not improve public health or boost government tax revenue effectively, they have also been shown to fail and be repealed, and finally many people see these taxes as inappropriate and a violation of their individual freedom. These fat taxes show their true merit by falling short of their most basic of goals, generating revenue and helping improve public health. One of the best sources on the shortcomings of the fat taxes is Denmark, the world’s first country to implement such a tax at a national level. The result of the tax ended in the government earning $200 million in a year, however that came at the cost of 1,200 Danish retail jobs and pushing many Danes to resort to cross-border grocery trips to Germany pulling that money out of the Danish economy (Taylor). The only benefit to public health was an estimated 5.5 days added to the lifespan of the average Dane over the next decade (Taylor). These results forced the Danish government to repeal the tax due to its inefficiency. Another way to view the failure of fat taxes is to directly look at all the failures derived from…

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