Essay about Fat And Happy : Obesity

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Obesity has expanded worldwide and individuals show little concern to eliminate this outbreak, rather they stand back and ridicule. In modern days, it is common to see individuals who are overweight and in “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” by Mary Ray Worley and “Fat and Happy?” by Hillel Schwartz the topic of obesity is discussed. Worley expresses her experience at a convention that opened her eyes to the beauty in obesity. She informs the reader of the struggles, such as anxiety, that hold individuals back from living a happy life. Schwartz utilizes data to convey that obesity has become an epidemic and few help the issue. He explains that society treats people inadequately due to being fat. Both authors agree that the spread of obesity will continue to broaden and instead of encouraging those who need help, society forces more pain by expecting a perfect figure. Although Worley and Schwartz believe individuals generally despise fat people, Worley claims that individuals should look for acceptance of their weight while Schwartz claims the world should strive for a balanced weight. Struggling with being overweight, Worley decides to attend the National Association of Advance Fat Acceptance and describes this experience as “visiting a different planet” (Worley, 163). At this convention, overweight people flaunt stylish swimsuits and show off their bodies by belly dancing when normally they would have felt shame and concealed their figure. During this time,…

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