Fasting Of The New Testament Essays

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A Common Discipline

The discipline of fasting is a practice that is commonly misunderstood. The connotations that surround this spiritual discipline leave many people to view fasting in one of two extremes: something that is hazardous to one’s health, or something for those in a seemingly unreachable spiritual state. However, the reality is neither of these. To quote John Wesley, “Some have exalted fasting beyond all Scripture and reason; and others have utterly disregarded it.” A true Biblical view of fasting lies somewhere in the middle of Wesley’s two points. There is no denying the power in fasting. There are many examples throughout scripture where fasting was a direct precedent to miracles. However, upon a thorough examination of the scriptures, one will see that fasting in and of itself is not holier than any other discipline. In fact, it is spoken of in the same manner as worship, charity, and prayer. Fasting in its proper place is really just another common discipline. Those new to the subject of fasting may have many questions regarding the subject. Which key figures in the Bible fasted? What does fasting look like? Why do people fast, and is it required of believers under the new covenant of Jesus Christ? If believers choose to fast, how often should they? All of these are wonderful questions that we as Christians must ask and search for an answer if we wish to give fasting the appropriate amount of attention as…

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