Fast Foods And Sugary Drinks Essay example

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Fast Foods and Sugary Drinks: the Main Causes Fatal Diseases

Food can be classified as unprocessed and processed. On the one hand, unprocessed food are food that are free of any chemicals or food that we consume within a short period of time, we do not store them long. On the other hand, processed foods can either be prepared and served very quickly, like pizza, or usually are sold to customers in a packaged form, such as fried chicken, potato cheeps, chocolates, sodas, and so on. Some processed foods, in particular those that we buy as a package, has a number of chemicals added so that they could last long without spoilage. Nowadays, as we can obviously see there are numerous fast food restaurants in the United States of America in comparison to a couple of years back. There may be a number of factors that make this fast food industry grow fast, including busy lifestyle, easy access, as well as convincing advertisements. Today, most often than not the majority of American parents seem to work out fulltime jobs. This means the more they spend their time working out, the less time they have to cook, and that eventually make fast foods very time saving. The increase in the number of easily accessible fast food restaurants and over consumption of fast foods has caused various obesity-related diseases, such as heart attack which is one of the most killing diseases in the U.S. As a matter of fact, most fast foods are high in calories, fat, saturated and Trans fat, sugar,…

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