Fast Foods And Fast Food Essay

1582 Words Nov 29th, 2016 7 Pages
We are living in fast food world and people prefer to eat fast food instead of the regular meal at home at the table. Fast food can be defined as food that is cooked quickly in standardized method and that gives little consideration to the quality of the ingredients. Also, fast food can be purchased at inexpensive price in restaurants that are all around the country such as McDonald’s, and Burger King. In a fast paced society, most people tend to be busy all the time. Consequently, people have to be changed and improved their daily routine in order to accomplish all the activities required for their success. The pressure that a fast pace society produce on its citizens, influence its eating habits. People do not want give time on their routines activities like cooking, and as a result, fast food restaurants have been appearing day by day. Today, many young people like to eat fast foods such as high fat hamburgers, high-carbon hydrates French Fries, and fried chicken. Fast food is easy to access anywhere in the world; therefore, people and government need to consider improving their lifestyles as the consumption of fast food can lead to major health problems such as obesity, heart attacks, and even death. Fast food accessibility and methods of selling has increased and improved in many countries, causing an increase on fast food consumers. According to Schlosser & Wilson, there is an easy accessibility of fast food all around the world, as many fast food chain restaurants…

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