Fast Foods : An Appeal For An Extensive Ban Essay

1928 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
Fast Foods: An Appeal for an Extensive Ban Imagine walking into any public school or government workplace where the cafeteria’s motto is “fear no food.” Imagine a lunchroom serving gluten-free pizza, organic chicken strips, and a green tea menu that pops the bubble on sugary soda drinks. Eating pizza filled with refined carbohydrates, processed chicken nuggets, and drinking colas are high in calories and low in nutrients, leading to obesity, disease, and addiction to sugar. The people especially affected by this issue are government workers and schoolchildren. Considering that the U. S. Government is the single largest employer in the country, government employees represent the backbone of the national economy while children seeking an education represent the future of the national economy. The unhealthy consumption of fast foods poses a threat to potentially derail the nation’s economy adversely especially by outcomes like obesity. Fast food, also known as junk food, is anything that is high in fat or sugar without supplying vitamins, and typically is low in protein. The solution to this issue is banning junk food in all public schools and government workplaces because they lead to obesity, create health risks due to the use of food additives, and perpetuate the growth of fast food eating adolescents into unhealthy adults. The banning of fast foods should be implemented because junk food leads to obesity and heart disease. In a research study, by Flores and Lin, who…

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