Fast Food With High Calories Essay

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Obesity has always been Americans number one problem for both adults and children, however what could be the main source as to why many people are overweight? Fast food with high calories is the answer. As fast food is created by the media and advertisements to be something delicious, irresistible, and affordable, making people feel a need to invest their money in these types of food. When people fall into these advertisements they do not notice all the ingredients put in these foods that affect your health. They see only what the media wants to portray the food they are sponsoring. The availability of restaurants is also a key factor that plays in part due that it creates effortless access and is available with urgency. Factors such as advertising, no background of the ingredients contained, and convenience can cause fast food to be a significant reason as to why people are obese.
All around us we see advertisements, billboards and commercials filled with mouthwatering foods that cause us to require to try them and have enough of. This is exactly the main purpose of advertising, to reel the viewer in and make them wanting more. According to Roland Sturm in Linda Caroll and Madelyn Fernstroms article, Cheap Food Blamed For America 's Obesity Crisis,”the main reason we 're getting fatter — all of us — is because we are surrounded by tasty temptations that cost very little, from fast food menus to processed snack foods.” Fast food advertisements create deals or specials that…

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