Fast Food: The Negative Effects Of Nutritional Choices

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Many college students around the country can agree that when you are in a rush and hungry there just are not many options but to eat a snack or fast food. Usually these snacks or fast food options you choose may not offer the most nutritional value for your body but at that given moment of time it is tough to say no to these unhealthy options because you really do not have a choice. I used to be the perfect example of this type of person who just did not care if I eat something unhealthy during a period of rush because I did not want to take my time preparing something since I was very busy. This became a serious problem for me during my first two years at Fresno State, but I overcame these tendencies over the past year and I will like to discuss how these companies trapped students like me, what were the negative affects of eating this way, and how I overcame it. Fast Food/snack companies are smart in the aspect that they know where to place their …show more content…
If you were to look at the top killers in recent history the number one killer (In the United States and many well developed countries) is Heart Disease. Heart disease is caused by smoking, high amounts of certain fats and cholesterol, high blood pressure, and it is also formed from a build up of plaque over time from these high fattening foods (, 2014). So as you guessed it and may already know, these high fattening foods that contribute to the number one killer in America comes from non other than Fast foods or any types of high fattening foods. When a person does enough research they might be inspired to actually to do something to change it, as was I. The main question to me was, how do I change this horrible habit of eating fast food on a regular basis while Im at school and

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