Fast Food : The Main Cause Of Fast Foods Essay example

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Fast food
The main cause of eating fast foods are that we are running a fast pace life and we seem to find no time in the day to sit down and prepare a healthy food for ourselves. Therefore, fast food restaurants are continuing growing their business and we as consumer are continuing putting our health at risk. Thus, in my opinion consuming fast foods is not a wise choice for any of us and we should stay away from eating it because it has many drawbacks than the benefits. The changes in lifestyle worldwide from past few decades have shown a great impact on the pattern of food consumption. One of the most common trends in consumption of fast food is eating food outside home. Family work pattern have also changed and as have family structure i.e. single parents, singles, or working outside the home. People prefer to be prepared in restaurants and if they cannot go out to eat, they order takeout and like to dine in home with fast food. The traditional food preparation at home is losing its importance from past few decades and people assumes it to be as a status symbol to order food from outside, when get together or family get together.
Fast foods affect all aspects of our life including health care and the basic concept of quality of our lives. Fast foods, such as foods that are highly processed and highly concentrated in sugar and overall high in fat foods and refined foods are putting everyone’s health at risk. It is a type of food that is making us increasingly sick…

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