Fast Food : The Cause Of Obesity? Essay

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Fast Food: The cause of obesity?

Are Fast Food restaurants the cause of obesity in America? Or are people to blame for their own actions? There are copious amounts of fast food establishments all around the United States; all with foods that have thousands and thousands of calories and fat that is not good for anyone. Which all leads to health consequences when this unhealthy food becomes a daily source in something’s diet. Fast food restaurants hide a lot of facts that they don’t want the consumer finding out. Knowing at least some of these facts can help next time the upcoming meal rolls around.

There are numerous facts of fast food that people don’t think about before they dive in into a meal. For example every month, “approximately nine out of ten American Children visit a Mcdonald’s restaurant”(Robbins). This alone is astonishing even more is the fact that some go more than once a month. They go three, four, five, even six times a week to this fast food joints. “During the 1900’s, the hamburger was thought to be polluted, unsanitary, and food for the poor. Street vendors, not restaurants, typically served them”.(Spurlock). This might not be true about today’s fast food restaurants but it goes to show that it’s never a safe-sure thing to take a bite into a “Big Mac” or “Whopper”. (Smith).

“There are more than 300,000 thousand fast food restaurants in the United States”(Robbins). This is mind blowing! There is fast food all around us, wherever one goes. It’s…

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