Fast Food Rules The World Essay

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Fast Food Rules the World The current world is described as “on the go”; with the fastest and newest technology, easy to access internet sites, faster fuel-efficient automobiles, and even a quicker way to pick up a family dinner. Fast food chains have been developing since the nineteen-fifties beginning with the famous McDonalds, since then a fast food restaurant is found on every corner in a developed city. Every famous drive-threw restaurant was developed by American companies, due to the fact that America is known as the fastest and busiest country in the world. With the current fast-paced country, hard-working Americans cannot find the time to cook or go to the grocery stores. Therefore Americans tend to prefer buy food from fast food chains because of affordable prices and convenience; however the effects include health issues and a waste of money. The primary reason why Americans choose fast food is because the prices are fairly reasonable. Famous chains like McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and Wendy’s offer dollar menu prices where costumers can get a burger, fries, and a drink each for one dollar. This style has become particularly popular for poor college students who cannot afford more than fifteen dollars a week on meals. Other restaurants have begun a type of meal deal, that contains a full regular meal plus a desert all for five dollars. The inexpensiveness of a meal appeals to all types of people including students, working-class society, and even families. For…

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