Essay on Fast Food Restaurants On Obesity

833 Words Oct 14th, 2015 4 Pages
Along with the several types of fast-food chain advertisements, comes the fast food chain’s ease of availability. It seems as if there is a fast-food restaurant located on every corner. This even includes fast-food easily available while purchasing gas. “It comes as no surprise that the availability of food has an effect as well” noted Goode regarding the availability of food and how it too influences the amount of food the average person consumes (465). A prime example is around the holidays, when there are tons of different dishes cooked and ready for the tasting. More than likely, people will eat off it all day since the food is so easily accessible. As long as the food is in sight, people tend to want to have just a taste. The researchers and authors of “The Effect of Fast Food Restaurants on Obesity” found that once they completed their study, “their findings suggest that increases in the supply of fast food restaurants had a significant effect on obesity” (Currie, et al.). An example of this is when a consumer stops for gas, and fast-food chains have now made their foods easily accessible to purchase by placing locations affixed to the gas station for a one stop shopping and purchasing experience. Of course, there are locations on every street corner. In the picture of the many different fast-food chains, on the left, along the same street and street corner, corroborates that fast-food chains do seek to make their quick and easy foods readily available. This leaves…

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