Fast Food Restaurant 's A Huge Risk Factor Essay

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Every night, mostly on weekends people tend to go out to a decent restaurant and eat with their family or friend. In America or anywhere else in this world, there is fast food restaurant’s located in every corner. For example, where I live, on one side of the block, there is Mc’ Donald, Burger King, Taco Bell, Panda Express, Chipotle. Across form it there are Chilies, Olive Garden, I HOP, and Pf Chang. Down another mile there is On the Boarder, Applebee’s, Chocolate Factory, and TGI Friday. Across from it there is Wendi’s, Jack in the Box, Long John Silver, and Whataburger. Having so many restaurants around us which we cannot resist from it. For example, “I didn’t’ cook today, let’s go out to eat.” Here in American many people become obese, leading to a huge risk factor. The various issues of unhealthy living may lead to multiple life threatening disease, such as diabetes mellitus.
When people go to their doctor, for regular blood testing and later in their follow- up the patient hears from their doctor, “You have been diagnosed with diabetes”. At that moment the patient didn’t react at that time, until the doctor tries to get their attention. They might tell their doctor, “You must be mistaken or this is might be someone else report.” The Doctor will tell them, “I am sorry, but it is the fact.” The patient will become so frightened and will tell the doctor, give me some medication so this will go away. Unfortunately, this disease will never go away. Patients who are…

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