Fast Food Persuasive Speech

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I. I would like to tell you a story about Cuba, a 19 month-old baby.
II. He is a fast food, baby, who feeds on fast food and his growth was affected by his awful diet.
III. Thus, this brings me to the topic today, which is to persuade all of you to control your intake of fast food.
IV. I have done an extensive research about the detrimental effects of fast food.
A. Most of the details I got; are from informative websites such as the American Heart Association website.
V. I know how easy and fast it is for us, to pick up our phone, and order a set of burgers with fries rather than going to the kitchen and prepare our foods from scratch.
VI. But, if we think properly, does the extra 30 minutes of cooking time that we save when ordering fast
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The first reason is, fast foods often contain too many calories.
1. If you take fast food as your main daily meal frequently, it can lead to weight gain.
a. A study done by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation showed, a majority of people underestimate the number of calories they’re eating in a fast-food restaurant.
2. High Calorie foods are more likely to be stored, resulting in fat deposition and thus weight gain.
a. As stated by the Centres for Disease Control, 3,500 calories equals to an approximately one pound of fat.
B. Next, there is a high sugar content in fast food.
1. According to Mayoclinic websites, added sugars in fast foods make us prone to skip nutritious foods and miss out the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
2. The American Heart Association claim that most Americans take in twice as much sugar as is recommended for optimal health.
C. Lastly, fast foods can affect your moods and nervous system.
1. A research done by Cambridge University showed that baked goods and fast foods consumption may be linked to depression.
2. High Fast foods diet could also affect physical and memory abilities.
a. Gómez-Pinilla, a professor of UCLA medical school, said Junk food and fast food negatively affect the brain’s
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Lastly, you need to plan your meal.
1. Plan to eat fast food only once a month or once a week.
2. Mark the date of your visits to fast food outlet so you know that you are not overeating fast food.
(Transition: What happen if you still overindulge fast food?)
III. There will be serious medical ramifications if you overindulge fast food.
A. Imagine, what if, it is yourself, suffering from obesity.
1. You had to inject your own flesh with sharp needles in order to get enough insulin for your body to stabilize your blood glucose level?
2. I’m sure that you do not want that to happen, right?
I. The uncontrolled intake of fast foods poses serious health risks and therefore, we must control our fast food intake or face the medical repercussions.
II. So, let’s change our habit of consuming fast food in a better and healthier way by choosing a filling meal as the main dish, choose healthier replacement for snacks and set a period to indulge fast food in a controlled manner.
III. I believe, it is our role to spread the awareness among the community about the danger of fast food to our health.
IV. If we do limit our fast food intake, I’m sure that we can avoid the insidious epidemic of the fast

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